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History of Opticaltel and East Lake

The History between the East Lake Village Community Association and Opticaltel
East Lake Village was formed by the developer, DeGuardiola Properties, Inc of Jupiter FL (same developer of the unfinished PSL Civic Center on US1 and Walton rd and Abacoa in Jupiter, FL) in 2004/2005 time frame. The developer sought out the sister firms, H-Control and Opticaltel when planning our community because no other service provider would install fiber–optic cable directly to the homes. In return for installing all fiber optic lines the Developer DeGuardiola Properties gave Opticaltel/H-Control an exclusive contract and easement allowing them to be the sole provider of Cable/phone and internet to all of East Lake Village including the commercial properties.
That original contract had a 10 year period that STARTED after all the units of East Lake Village were built, which currently has yet to happen. In 2017 The Association paid Opticaltel $66.71 per unit and we received basic analog cable and local telephone service including paying that 66.71 for four empty lots on phase two where homes weren’t even built. The Master Association at more than one occasion had various attorneys review the contract and the result was the same, yes it’s a valid contract and breaking it would be very difficult , costly and would come down to a judge deciding. The community and board of the Master Association decided to try to negotiate with Opticaltel to obtain better service and a contact end date. Small problem it was then discovered through a series of events that The Master Association owed Opticaltel over $ 80,000. Opticaltel contractually could but to their credit never charged us a late fee or interest on that balance. Opticaltel was under no obligation to negotiate as they had a valid contract. The Master Association enlisted the services of a cable consultant in early 2017 and through his pressure and knowledge Opticaltel agreed negotiate with the Association. We came to an agreement that was signed on 12/01/2017  to provide IPTV, DVR service, 2 whole home DVRs, Unlimited USA/Canada calling, 100/100 mbps internet ( with speeds that increase each year by 50/50 mbps) and a wireless gateway all with monthly per unit cost of 69.95 ( had we not signed the contract the old contract price was going up to 71.38)  , a 4 % annual raise as opposed to a 7 % annual raise in the old contract, more services and a 300.00 a home credit paid to us from Opticaltel allowing us to wipe the 80,000 debt away. The new contract also has a start date and an end date 10 years later where the old contract basically never ended and provided only analog cable and local phone. We estimated the average person in East Lake Village saved about 80.00 a month and 960.00 each year. SO our choices were to remain in the old contact forever or accept the new contract with better/more services at a lower cost and a savings to all. We chose the new contract. So despite the calls to get a new service provider to East Lake Village it’s not as easy as it may seem.